Dr. Ch. Satyanarayana

During the period of these one-and-half decades of my professional experience, I shared my knowledge base and expertise with fellow engineers, academicians and scientists across a wide gamut of interests through interaction which bore fruits as research papers published in international journals of repute and international conference intellectual meets. I feel, that there is a range and diversity of wide problems which can be effectively solved using computers; such as, modeling the operation of the human brain; and the role of logic in problem-solving. I also feel that Computer Engineering has direct links with many other branches of human knowledge, such as Psychology, Cognitive Sciences, Linguistics and Management. The Inherent multidisciplinary nature of Computer engineering ensures unlimited opportunities for discovering new applications and exploring new research directions. My research contributions in computer engineering are vital, varied and vast. I believe that Computer engineering is the “third pillar” that supports the vital sector of research, along with the pillars of theory and experimentation, especially for a progressing country like India. I firmly believe that Computer engineering is an essential component to implement and strengthen any country’s technological, economic and social goals. And the Information Technology represents a programming symbiosis between Computer engineering and other disciplines, as it mediates new interactions of attitude among the technologists, in multiple levels and round scales.